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Cool Voice quality on different BB's

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I have had my share of problems with the voice quality on Blackberries and come to a couple conclusions for anyone looking to buy, switch or sell a Blackberry. I have had a BB since 07/05 and started with the Cingular 7100g model. Below are the conclusions I have come to with the 3 BB's I had or tried in the last 9 months.

Cingular 7100g:

I had no problems with data service on this model and was very happy with the blackberries ability to receive/send emails from the exchange server. The main problem I had was with the voice quality and people complaining about hearing everything else in the background. I run a business and after hearing friends and family comment on the lack of hearing me I was forced to use a bluetooth headset. The headset was working ok, but I could not leave it in 24/7 and needed to use just the handset half of the time. So I called the warranty dept after Cingular told me it was the phone and to exchange it. I called and got a brand new phone through the 1 year warranty and threw in the SIM card and made a call to find out the same problem was happening with voice all over again on this 2nd BB. I was forced to use the BB7100g until I heard about the launch of the BB8700c. I was one of the lucy ones to get one of the new 8700c when they came out around X-mas and switched over to that one.

Cingular 8700c:

I got this BB with all the intention of the voice quality being fixed after reading some reviews. I got the BB and started making calls to some friends only to find out that the same problem was happening again like on the 7100g. So once again, I called Cingular to ask what the problem was and they said call warranty and get a new phone to fix this problem. I called the warranty dept and they sent a brand new 8700c in the box and I had the same problems again with voice quality once again. The same people that I called to find out how it sounded said it was the same type of poor phone quality. People would not even want to talk to me when I was in my car driving, in a restaurant or in a store. The background noise was just draining out the voice quality and was just useless when in a crowded setting. The Bluetooth worked better and the phone ran super fast with edge and the full keyboard. I still have it and use a Razor for voice calls now and use the BB8700 for data.

Verizon 7130e:

My friend's wife got this BB recently and he said the voice quality was way better then when I used to call him on the 8700 & 7100g from Cingular. So I grabbed one of these phones to try out and see if the phone was any better on this BB for the 14 day trial Verizon gives when you buy a phone. I was amazed how much better the voice quality was on this BB. People had no negative comments and I could use this BB anywhere I wanted for this past week with success. The BB was just like a regular phone when people heard me talking to them on it. The EvDo was fast like edge and the service was great throughout Arizona. Now I am debating to cancel with Cingular and go back to Verizon so I don't have to carry the 8700 & Razor around with me everywhere. It was like night and day talking to people on the 7130e.

T-Mobile 7100t:

I don't have this BB, but my good friend does. He has all the problems I had with the 7100g from Cingular. Voice is terrible and people were always complaining about hearing him or him hearing them in crowded places.

So my conclusion about the 3 Blackberries I used is that I think Cingular's RF is just not working correctly in Arizona for the BB's I had. I got a Razor to keep on hand for the weekends when I am not getting email and that phone is perfect even with the windows down on the freeway. After trying the Verizon BB7130 I am just positive that the RF is bad with Cingular's BB's since it is pretty much the same BB as the Cingular 7100g.