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Originally Posted by paulow1978
But my problem has always been (becasue i know very littelabout the way blackberry's work) how a device will talk to the bes server at my company.
It's the job of the BES to find the devices out in the field and open up a secured tunnel to each one of them. Once the tunnel has been created, the device can use it to talk back to the BES.

Since the devices aren't the ones initiating the communication with the BES, you don't have to programming the devices with your domain name. As mentioned above, your firewall will have to let the BES talk out to the Internet on port 3101, but you do not need to open up anything for incoming connections, as there aren't any.

IIRC, when the devices turn on, they register themselves with BlackBerry's NOC. When your BES wants to open a tunnel to a device, it uses BlackBerry's NOC to find the IP address of the device.