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I agree

However i will temp...........

1. Shareware (great stuff but temps you to spend for the moment when it runs out)

2. Freeware (great stuff but often leads to the purchase of more expensive stuff)

3. Software updates (make us all dig deep for the changes) and to prove they do what they say they do.

4. New software (we have to learn everything over) and there is never enough time in the day. So i have to stay up for 36 hours straight.

5. My first computer (there's the truth) Life was simple b4 that day.

6. New technology (can't live without it) truth is? yes we can we just think we can't? (for us tweak freaks)

7. Virus scan software. (who says they don't employ ppl to release new viruses to keep the industy going?

8. i'm trying hard to find 10 traps

9. Bigger is always better (if it applies) Smaller is alway better (if it applies)

10. Curiosity always completes the trap.
(I always loose common sence after 16 hours of trying to configure something for some moron who knows nothing but pays the bills. Hence the biggest trap (Those Bosses with Stupid ideas)
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