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Default Re: T-Mob BB Price plan issues

Originally Posted by blackbelt
I had the following price plan: the $59.99 bundle with a 1000 minutes
that includes unlimited data, text messages & NO nights and weekends.

I was originally told by T Mobile that nights & weekends could be added to the plan $4.99 for weekends & $9.99 for nights.

Making my bill roughly $75 a month before taxes.

Now here's my problem:
Recently I have been told by T Mobile that nights & weekends can't be added to the $59.99 data bundle plan.

That means
$59.99 for 1000 min w/ Nights and Weekends
$19.99 blackberry unlimited add on, that doesn't include text
$ 9.99 for unlimited text messaging

Makes the the total bill $90 before taxes.

If nights and weekends could be added to the plan as it call with all other plans, the bill would come out to be $15 cheaper.

Would anyone know of the best rate plans to choose from that include unlimited Text, Data, nights and weekends? Or if other providers have better deals.

Thanks in Advance
I guess you should talk to the supervisor and let them know that you were promised this earlier. Chances are if you call many times they will allow it.