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Originally Posted by boygenius
No problem, put it like this, I carry a phone phone, 8700, and the Q. If you only carried one device and did not care about push instant email I would go with Q, if you want all in one. The only limitation i can think of with 8700 compared to Q is true MMS (Camera), and multimedia (Video, MP3s) Plus obviously the aftermarket software which there is a lot of. In regards to the ROM update posted, that is the AKU2.0 i was referring to which still does NOT include true push email, simply changing the way activesync gets notified. Microsoft is a LONG way off. Also the keyboard on the Q sucks...

I will be posting new Q vs 8700 pics in a little bit.

What if I don't need push email or any mms, but like the simplicity and stability of the BB? I have a 7100T and was waiting for either the Q and switching to Verizon or the 8700 on Tmo, what would you reccomend since you use both?

How reliable is the ActiveSync? I had it wil an old Ipaq and it sucked, but that was like 4 years ago.