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No problem, I represent a ton of high-profile clients and get them what they want.

Reliability-wise I have not seen anything so stable as the blackberry platform. Microsoft has definatly made way with the 5.0 version of Windows Mobile which makes the product definatly usable, but they all still get slow, and require restarts because almost all WM devices I have come across have memory leaks. Round 1 BlackBerry

Pricing should be about the same price of 8700c when it launched, retail was $450, Q should be that or a little less.

Smartphone (Q) and Treo700w (Pocket PC) are the same concept but very different. The smartphone is a skimmed down version of pocket pc, and that means less options, no touchscreen, less aftermarket software, and things like that. Since the Q incorporates a track-wheel and "back" button it makes navigating much easier but still can not compare to a pocket pc. The menus are a lot less graphical and more text based, less settings, etc. Same principle but different. Taking away the wow factor of the Q I would go with the Treo 700w, it is more functional, faster, just has less memory. The Q is 64MB or RAM, Treo is only 32MB. If you can deal with that, then Treo. Why do you want to leave the 8700 for dead so badly?
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