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I loved that it was small, and discrete, even all the new BBerry's are too huge, I sit down they dig into my side... I loved the small 950.... And you KNOW the guys at RIM were doing alot of work on the power saving features.... a 1 Watt Cell Modem and 386SX Processor ran for 3 weeks ON A SINGLE AA BATTERY! Amazing!

Did you know that there was a 3V Litihum in the 950? All the AA did was re-charge the 3V litihum (hense why you could change the battery fast and it wouldn't die)

Let's see..... Feature listing....

NEW Rim 9500

OLED Colour Screen
64MB of memory
GSM/GPRS/EDGE and 1XRTT EVDO UMTS dual mode radio
XD or SD Card slot
Bluetooth (i'd still like the phone part integrated!)
Full Phone use
PTT support (non iDEN style an iDEN style for the NexTel crew)
Full blown TCP/IP Stack
Litihum Polymer Rechargable Battery Pack
Small 30 second bridge battery (So you can swap batteries on the fly)
Backlit keys....
Chassis Plastics can be easily changed for colour co-ordination
Same FormFactor of the Blackberry 950...

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