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Default MobileWeb4U Launches BES4.0

I just wanted everyone to my experience so far.

First, David was nice enough to let me piggy back in the 4.0 beta today. All I can say is, once again David's service and support is 2nd to none!! If you have 4.0, let him know and have him move you to the new server!

I couldn't wait for Cingular to release the 7290 version so I installed the HK version. That transition as well as the upgrade on David's end went relatively smooth considering it was a first crack at both.

I have been up and running for about the 3 hours now and I love it. The attachments work as adverstised as does the browser. For me I am thrilled to be able to finally have a way of adding my 11 month old sons pictures to my BB.

For business purposes, viewing pdf & tif files is huge.

Oh, I almost forgot, the contact and task sync functions work flawlessly and virtually in realtime.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that things seems to work as they should. Also, if you are leary about making the move, don't worry, you are with the right team here to help you threw it.

Thanks again David.