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Default New member, looking for education

Hey guys... GLAD I found you.... Been a BB user (7290) for about 3 months. I am somewhat techno savy, but due to work and family obigations, my time spent with techology is pretty much limited to business... therefore I end up being pretty much an appliance user.

However, I am the tech contact for our local office (the interface for all others to the IP helpdesk at our company)... And, I am the first person in our company to get the 7290. Managers had old monochrome BB's... didn't do anything with them but email and phone... But now ALL sales and marketing staff in our company will be getting 7290's... Since I am the first user, I am trying out bunches of new things.. software, new ways of using this technology for improving our productivity, etc.... and hope to spread to other company people all the great stuff that the BB's can do for them (using BB as modem right now on my laptop)...

I will be needing some overall education, and probably some specific instructions, but it will be multipliled over our whole comany (100's of other new BB users...)... Looking forward to the learning!

BB 7290 user... roaming the Midwest!
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