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I just bought a 7230 Blackberry and signed up with TMobile. I want to use SSH and don't want to use BES. In these forums I've read that that's possible with an upgrade to 4.0 handheld software.

Even though I'm reading that TMobile is blocking this TCP/IP only access (reading "How to Configure Full Internet Access On BlackBerry" and "T-Mobile Tells BlackBerry Users: GetLess!"), I want to give it a try.

I've never installed the software from the CD that came with my unit, as I will not be syncing with any Windows apps and don't use Exchange or Outlook or Outlook Express.

I've downloaded the AT&T 4.0 upgrade Desktop Software, but have never run this software. When I attached my Blackberry 7230 for the first time (via USB), Windows 2000 recognized it but didn't do anything. I poked around and found the app loader software, launched it. It scanned my unit and said "no software loaded". I know that ain't right.

So what should I do to get from here to installing the new OS. The config stuf looks easy, just want to know "should I install the CD that came from TMobile?", what order to do things in, etc.?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

-- Jim
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