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Default Give Your BB a Tiny Font

I couldn't find a post anywhere regarding font sizes, so I'll add my 2 cents here. Maybe someone will find it useful.

On my old 7230 I used a font size of 5 and found it greatly improved screen real estate. I just got my 7100t and it only allows fonts as small as 7. However when I restored from my old backup it kept the font size of 5. I was happy with that. After playing around with my new toy for a while, I decided to play with the theme. Since themes change fonts and sizes I lost my adjustment and had to figure out a way to change it without restoring from backup. This I give to you.

Using the Desktop Manager, go to Backup/Restore's Advanced mode to export individual DBs. Export the Options DB and Save As a file of your choosing. Load this file up in a hex editor and change bytes 44h & 45h. I wasn't able to discern a pattern using multiple exports (LSB maybe?) so I don't know what size 6 would be, but I can tell you size 5 is F0 01. Save that file and export it back in. The change wasn't apparent immediately, but after unhooking the USB cable and plugging it back in (or maybe just waiting) my font was back to the nice tiny size 5. The Screen/Keyboard settings will still show a 7, but it's clearly 5.

Hope this helps someone (with good eyes).

P.S. I've found BBMillbankTall to be the best font for squeezing as much on the screen as possible, but you already knew that, didn't you?
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