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Originally Posted by yustonuser
Rockefella - I understand your wish to have a case that holds up under normal conditions but you clearly got it caught on your steering wheel and it caused the case to rip. You said you had a case for 4 years for a different BB - did that one also get caught the same exact way on your steering wheel?

This is a crazy thing to expect - analogous to running your car into a dumpster after having it a few months, denting it and going back to the dealer expecting a new one and flipping out when they say "it will cost you to fix it or get a new one"

Either re-attach the clip or realize you broke it and buy a new one at a generous discount. Atleast your BB didn't get harmed during this "ctach" - you would be even harer pressed to get a new one of those from Cingular/TMO telling them you got it caught on your steering wheel and it fell out. They would tell you "Too bad, so Sad"

Good luck with the new case

Actually, you're dead wrong about Cingular.

Here is an exact quote from the RMA center, as to what they consider "outside of warranty": manifestly subjected to extreme temperatures (such as melted by a blowtorch), to extreme abuse (such as run over by your car), or submersion in liquid for prolonged periods of time (such as thrown into a lake). The RMA guy said that their engineers are very "liberal" when it comes to "out of warranty" abuse. I explained to the RMA guy that I had dropped my BB8700c at least three times as I was getting out of my car (due to a disintegrating Gizmoskin case I replaced with the Fortte). I wanted to be sure I was still going to qualify for an RMA. In response, the Cingular guy said, NOT A PROBLEM, we're VERY sorry that our product is causing you frustration, we'll express ship a new one to you right away. I was so flabbergasted that I stuttered out a thank you. I've had my problems with Cingular in the past (I spend over $150 a month on Cingular voice and data), but I plan to stick with them for as long as I can.

Contrast that with Fortte's response. By the way, I'm not an Olympic wrestler. I barely brushed the steering wheel as I got out. I believe the clip was not securely fastened into the case.

Anyway, it just amazes me how much fanboyism there is on this board. So little room for balanced opinions...