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Originally Posted by aawong
Is there any way of bolding the font for the numerical signal strength?
Or changing the color, while in zen theme? It is hard to see in this theme.

Also while sitting at my desk i can go from 60's to 90's. Whats up with that?
and what is good and what is no signal?
I am quite sure that there is no way to change the font. It definitely looks better in some themes than others. The O2-icon theme is great. BB Dimensions-icon is not so good (with the number sitting on the right-side 'wing').

60-90 is a big range but it is all acceptable. As I understand, anything over 100 is not good. Anything in the 50s is fantastic. That is why 42 blew me away.

When you have no signal (like in the Toronto subway) it reads 256. When you "Turn Wireless Off" it reads 0. Go figure.