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Default Hands on review: Seidio 8700c Swivel Clip Holster

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Seidio Swivel Clip Holster

Hands on review by lgreenberg

April 6, 2006

Price as reviewed $29.95

Wexxx8217;ve all read the threads on Blackberry Forums. xxx8220;My Blackberry Took a Fallxxx8221; xxx8220;I canxxx8217;t stand the OEM holsterxxx8221; or something similar. Too many people have posted about the awful experience of watching their precious Blackberry 8700 fall to the ground because it somehow got ejected from the OEM holster. Personally I never had this happen to me but I was always a little nervous when using the included holster and often times found myself checking to make sure my 8700 was properly seated in the holster.

Enter Seidio. Sedio has released its Swivel Clip Holster for the Blackberry 8700c. And itxxx8217;s a welcome addition.

The holster comes wrapped in plastic.

Included along with the holster is a sheet with instructions on how one should properly insert the 8700 into the holster but more on that later.

The inside of the holster is completely lined with felt. No chance of the screen, bezel or keypad becoming scratched.

The Blackberry is meant to be carried face in.

The back of the holster contains a swivel clip.

This swivel clip is SUPER strong. One of my biggest complaints about the OEM holster and the OEM pouch is that the clip used often times moves positions by itself while on my belt. The Seidio clip almost locks itself in place. You hear a very distinct click when switching ratcheting positions. The clip has a total of 7 possible positions.

Another nice feature is the fact that the clip canxxx8217;t be turned upside down. You can rotate the clip to 3 positions to the right or three positions to the left but not 360 degrees around.

Once inserted into the holster the pair makes for a very slim profile. The holster DOES have a built in sleeper magnet which functions perfectly.

All of the buttons and ports are completely accessible.

The included instructions tell you to first insert the device into the bottom at an angle.

Then, after the bottom is situated, to lift the spring clip up and push it into place. It is possible to insert and remove the 8700 into the holster with only one hand.

You definetly get the feeling that the 8700 isnxxx8217;t going anywhere once itxxx8217;s properly locked in. The Blackberry stays securely in place with the top, bottom, and lower sides all held in.

To remove the 8700 from the holster you simply reverse the process, first lifting up on the clip and then removing the device.

On onexxx8217;s belt the holster offers a very slim profile. The clip is long enough to handle most belts. I was wearing a 1-1/2xxx8221; wide belt at the time of this review.

I know one thing that's going to be on everyone's mind. Will the top part of the holster scratch my device? Seidio has take a step to insure that does not happen. They've installed a small piece of rubber under the spring clip to prevent any damage to the device.

The holster works with both the regular and extended batteries.



Here are some comparison shots with the OEM holster.

This one gets my best rating. 5/5 Blackberries.

If you like the OEM holster but don't trust it this is the carrying accessory for you.

Pros: Super strong swivel clip, built in sleeper magnet, felt lined, secure, one handed operation.
Cons: Battery door left exposed.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

Special Discount Offered from Seidio on the product

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