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Default REVIEW: Seidio 8700 Swivel Spring Clip Holster

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Product: Seidio 8700 Swivel Spring Clip Holster
Price: $29.95 ($24.95 with $5.00 discount code: HLNX87)

Let me begin by stating that lgreenberg's review of this same holster was posted several days ago (lgreenberg's review). Instead of taking several pictures of the same holster, I encourage you to check his review for his opinion as well as thorough photos of the holster.

My first impression was that this holster is very well made. The design obvioulsy was thoroughly thought out, especially since the extended battery was made to fit as well as the standard battery. The spring loaded clip is strong. It is long enough for wide belts, but works well with skinnier belts as well. This is achieved by the curvature of the clip, allowing it to clasp against the not-so-wide belts easily, though there is a small amount of play when using a skinnier belt as I do. It is not enough play to cause any concern. The only thing I can think of to make this better would be to have some sort of cushion lining on the inside of the clip to allow it to squeeze against the smaller belts and stop any side to side play, but I am unsure if such a lining would remain in place over time, so I think they have done as good a job as possible with this design.

The felt lining along the screen side of the holster is perfect. Nicely smooth and subtle enough to hardly notice it is there. Very well done.

The top piece of the clip that keeps the BB from falling out when holstered is also very well done. The instructions say one should "lift the spring clip at the top, and push it gently into place." I can see that they instruct this way so as to avoid any problems with potential scratching of the top of the BB. If you choose to just insert the bottom portion into the clip and push the top portion inward, allowing the top latch to slide over the top of the device and snap into place, it might seem like you could scratch it. Personally, I just push it in without manually lifting the top spring clip, and thus far I have not seen any adverse affects. The rubber piece they added seems to prevent any scratching. It is very easily holstered and removed using this method. I have done it one-handed all day today with zero problems. I have caught myself double checking by giving it a little tug on the top after I place it in, but I think that is only because of my inherent fears of dropping the device after using the OEM Launcher for several weeks after initial purchase of my BB. I'm sure this will subside in short time.

The rubber piece that holds the top of the BB in place is also well made and placed, and I have yet experienced no problems with it.

The ratchet feature of the clip is very nice, but there is a little wiggle room between stops. I would prefer there to be none - I like to have it remain in a very tight position when in any stop of the ratchet, but it is negligible. I very much like the fact that it will only ratchet to 90 degrees in either direction. When you think about it, when will you ever want your BB to be upside down? It's odd that other manufacturers allow that to happen - good looking out, Seidio.

The spring in the top clip seems very strong, and will last a very long time without weakening. I did notice that I feel the vibration mode a little less than when using my Naztech Boa Leather Case, because of the larger clip, but I can still feel it pretty well. Honestly, I think RIM should increase the strength of the vibration to make it more noticeable, so I don't fault Seidio at all.

I have a little concern about my belt being rubbed against the underside of the clip and against the back of the holster. There are two small plastic risers that seem to ensure an even grasp on a belt, but I would like to have seen something more flat and even, with less potential for scraping against a belt. I have only had this holster for one day, so I don't know about the potential for scratching a belt yet, it only seems like there may be an issue later on - time will tell.

Removing the device with one hand is very easy, just a lift with the thumb and a grab with the fingers - it's out. Insertion is just as easy.

Overall, I think this case is superbly designed and constructed. It is just about as close to being a perfect clip holster as one can get. It is so nice that RIM should consider striking a deal with Seidio to produce all their future holsters - this should be the OEM holster instead of the infamous Launcher they currently use. I have a feeling that when you combine this holster with the Seidio Skin (soon to be released), this will be the ultimate BB 8700 carry solution, offering protection in and out of the holster.

Pros: Sturdy, large belt clip for all sized belts, no speaker muffling, easy insertion and removal, felt lining protects screen, holds device firmly, inexpensive (especially with BBForums discount), NO LAUNCHING!

Cons: Wiggle room in ratcheting clip between stops, weakens the vibration by a small amount, no protection out of the holster (yet), battery door exposed (until skin released), not as classy looking as a nice leather pouch, but still professional looking.

Conclusion: If I were a new buyer of an 8700 BB, I would leave the OEM holster in the box and purchase this one immediately.
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