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I've used this program for the last 24 hours (in demo mode) and have some problems with it.

Firstly, I've noticed that my blackberry hangs at random times during the period this program was installed and running. The problem seemed to disappear since it was removed or when it was closed

Secondly, the flashing was not totally consistently spaced. it looks awkward especially at shorter blink times (ie: faster blink frequency) when it was more noticable. Perhaps this is simply due to the way the program calculates time between blinks or the way in which it controls the LED. This might be totally outside of our control.

Thirdly, although it offers people with this particular purpose in mind (ie: really desperate to see when they have 3 bars instead of full coverage- which in my opinion is moot), it needs to have additional options/controls to make it a truly useful utility.

I would say this is great if you want to see your signal level at a glance... but you can already tell when there is no signal if you have your LED status indicator on- it simply won't flash green. But for most of us, there's no real practical purpose.

Great idea, I agree... And I'd love to see future versions with more control. If there was an app that would keep my indicator flashing, for instance, when a message comes in- instead of rim's way of cancelling the red flash after a short period of time, I would likely buy it and praise the author. Knowing what type of message by looking at the colour of the LED would be pure icing.

Just my two cents- totally subjective.
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