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Originally Posted by Good_Guy
Ahh, the death knell rings for GoodLink again. Been hearing that for years.
Speaking about GoodLink, if all they can come in their press releases for the current month is single announcement about one law firm in Texas buying into GoodLink solution- that does not bring confidence in GoodLink success in the market.

Let's address a couple of things:

1) MSFP is not push.
2) The security issues within MSFT
4) MSFP is not as easy
5) MSFP, as already noted,
6) MSFT commoditizes their bandwidth.
Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft... The fact that Good PR is not so obsessed with RIM any more and getting obsessed with Microsoft is a sign they started to see the writing on the wall.

Microsoft is one of GoodLink competitors, and while you did provide nice overview of why it is not as good as Good, you completely missed second competitor:

there are some very interesting products in development that could chip away at the total market as well: (open source push e-mail) (free push e-mail in Beta)

I would not be surprised to see these companies subsidized by one or other smartphone maker, and where would it leave GoodLink?

Squeezed by Microsoft, RIM and OpenSource in corporate market, non-competitor to Microsoft, RIM and OpenSource in consumer market- just another victim of inevitable market consolidation.

Microsoft, Apple, OpenSource- desktop.
Microsoft, UNIX, OpenSource- server.
Microsoft, RIM, OpenSource- mobile devices.

Not much competition, by the way.