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I am a BB fan but having seen MSFP in action it seems

- regardless of the actual protocol in use, users see email delivered instantly, so at the least it's 'virtual push' as far as they are concerned. IMHO push per se is overrated anyway. Look at how many are happy using BIS's push to the BB, but PULL from POP servers... The way the MSFP protocol works, AFAIK, is that there's actually no pull involved. The normal qiescent state is that the device is waiting for the server to deliver a message ("instantly"). That message triggers an update of whatever is then required. Periodically (after a long time period, or after the link is lost), the device and server re-negotiate the quiescent state above.

- MSFP isn't a bandwidth hog when running UNTIL you download mail WITH it's attachements. Here, BB wins with it's rendering of content. "Keep alive" and background negotiation protocols with the MSFT solution really are minimal. But with more carriers moving to all you can eat tarriffs, this is becoming an ever more mute point.

- I still agree RIM has the definite edge on security, managability, and stability. All these things are important to business use.