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Default 7130e Bluetooth Headset Echo for person speaking to me

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Hi all,
My wife and I both purchased a 7130e and a pair of bluetooth headsets. We have now tried several different headsets - but we seem to have an "echo" problem when making a call to one another.
If I am NOT wearing the bluetooth headset on my 7130e - but my wife is and I call her from my 7130e to her 7130e when I speak - I hear myself echo a half second or so after I speak - it is quite disconcerting. That is, the person who is speaking to the person wearing the bluetooth headset hears the echo.
Now if I call my wife from a different phone - i.e. I use a land line and she is on the 7130e with the headset - then no echo.
Therefore if we are both speaking to one another on our 7130e's and we are BOTH wearing our bluetooth sets - then it sounds very strange.
This is REALLY weird - but it happens EVERYTIME.
Just wondering if anyone has heard of anything like this, whether there are software updates available for the 7130e to address bluetooth issues?
Any info would be great.

This is diffecult to tack down as the person using the 7130e with the bluetooth headset does not hear the echo - the person calling does.......