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Cool Original?

Originally Posted by Berry One
Not too long, perhaps.

Achieving quality of BlackBerry device is a different story. That would be hard as long as BlackBerries are made in Canada by local workforce, and code for devices written not by yesterday janitors in Balngalore but by professional software engineers in Canada as well.
Is that the best you can say? C'mon Redneck, be a little more intelligent than that?

Originally Posted by Berry One
Name cell phone or smartphone which is not proprietary. Heck, you counter proprietary RIM solution with Microsoft solution like Microsoft is not the leader of proprietarity.
I already did, and provided the link for you: Again, a little more research and intelligence on your behalf goes a long way.

Originally Posted by Berry One
Is Apple a hardware or software company, or perhaps a bit of both?
Gee...why don't you ask Steve Jobs this that analysts have been asking for many years...

Originally Posted by Berry One
This will kill GoodLink and any other for profit software development company specializing on push email solutions for handhelds.

Two companies will left standing: Microsoft, because they have enough money to spend without expectations of profit, and RIM- because they make profits on hardware

There will be less competition, actually. With GoodLink dead and Visto too because of OpenSource and freeware solutions and free of charge or very cheap proprietary products from Microsoft, where will be competition coming from?
Time will tell but judging from your previous comments, I feel pretty safe wagering against you...