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Default Yeah tried that

Hi - thanks for the reply. I had actually got that recommendation from the tech at the cell phone dealership. So we tried - but you have to turn the volume down so low to prevent the echo that you can barely hear the person who is speaking to you.
We have now tried seven different bluetooth headsets - and everyone of them do this to varying degrees. That is, one one headset we can turn the handset volume down by three "bars" and we can hear no echo - or on others it has to go down almost to zero.
Weird thing is if we turn down the volume on the handset then if you adjust the volume on the earpiece (headset) - it turns the volume on the "handset" back up also...
Anyhow after going thru seven differnt ones we seem to have found one that almost least so far the Motorola H700 seems to create almost no echo - so I'll probably go with that (the Jabra BT500 was almost as good - though not quite....).
Hopefully we have a solution......
Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

PS. Did you mean turn down the volume on the "bluetooth headset" and turn "up" the volume on the " 7130e handset" or vice versa - cos we were told to try it the other way round (i.e. vice versa)....?