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Originally Posted by JiGGa
I'll avoid the "BlackBerry" and black background area I suppose unless anyone can give me a reason why not to use Displex?
I have used several times and it works great if: you follow the instructions, if you are very careful and if you confine it to the screen alone.

Now a tip, take your BB apart and do it whith the case off particulary if you are doing it on an 8700 since the screen is not recessed making it harder to control to just the screen. I had a long scratch on my screen and it took three diferent tries to remove it altogether but it worked fine. I used it sparingly like the directions said, and only with the cloth supplied nothing else will do. It takes a lot of buffing, most people tire and do not complete the process and that is another reason it will not work. Use a circular motion and work all the screen not just the affected area to get an even smooth application.

I am not encouraging anyone to try this specially if you have to take it apart, just stating what I did and how Idid it to ge t the results I did. I read about this from a moderatr here in one of his posts ordered it and the rest is history.
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