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The problem with the game is two-fold. First, it's addictive as heck. Second, it turns you into a deranged lunatic on the forums

If you have an interest in getting better, there are numerous tricks to try. Some are mentioned in the article. Keep restarting the first level until the first "prize" to drop is a gun (start the first level by moving 3 notches to the left, and letting the ball go -- it will always hit the same place and release a bonus). Guns are the best. You get 50 points for a brick. Only shoot Blue bricks with the gun (that way, you get the multiple points until it turns Blue, then the 50 points with the gun). With the laser, try and hit a brick only once with the laser, then with the ball (the laser gives 5 points, the ball gives another 10 and turns the color -- if you hit it twice with the laser, you'd only have gotten 10 points). On levels 5 and 6, hitting the permanent metal bricks with the gun give you A LOT of points (100?), but you can't hit the ones in the far right column. And on and on and on.

After a while you will develop a healthy loathing for that G*d D@mned brick in the lower right hand side between the two permanent metal bricks in level 5. That one little pice of dirt brick will cost you your sanity, and if you're unlucky your girlfriend, dog, house, etc...
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