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Originally Posted by mayor111

This is a common complaint with the 7105T. I rolled out (20) of them and have taken back (2) because of this complaint.

Some things to think about:

1) The mic is right under the #5 key - so make sure when you are chatting on the phone you keep your face/cheek from leaning on this key.

2) Try your phone with a Bluetooth or wired headset to see if the problem still exists - if it does, then you may have a bad mic on your phone.

I doubt very highly its a software problem...its usually no problem at when once you learn not to lean on the phone, or its a hardware issue and then upgrade to the 8700.

My suggestion is to keep calling T-Mobile complaining and asking for help with this issue - regardless if they help you or not. Make sure after each call they give you a TROUBLE TICKET # - that way you know there is a record of it.

I hope this helps!

Thanks. it does help. But for number 2, did you mean, if it DOES NOT happen with the Bluetooth then I have a bad mic. Because if it does happen,then it can be the mic on the bluetooth. If I have it wrong..can u re-explain

I will do as you suggested, keep calling if needed, I got the phone 3 mos ago. I got a good deal, 2 yr agreement and I have been there for many years I paid $89

So do you think that because it is a problem that one said existed, even tho there is no record :( quite frequently, that I should not only do an upgrade if I choose not to get another 7105, but that they should credit me some of the $89 i.e. give me an even better deal than the 2yr contract deal (which I suppose they wouldn't do this early on a new 8700)

What do you think? I guess it does not matter. I think I will even have to argue to get another 2yr deal on the 8700