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Mark and Brian, thanks for your replies. I am a sole user, no company nobody paying my bills. I am a retired guy who loves to keep in touch with friends. I was using a Treo 600 and hated the tiny keyboard so I (foolishly) moved up? to the Blackberry. BUt now I truly miss some of the add on apps such as AVANTGO (news etc) and VINDIGO (movie timetables, theaters, reviews, restaurants, etc...) and they do not support BlACKBERRY'S. (Cingular 7290) I am giving serous thought to going back to a Palm or Windows decice so I can get those add-ons I miss.
Regarding attachments - with the Treo I used Snapper Mail and could not ony access several mailboxes as I wanted to, but it easily handled attachments of all kinds - and as I had Word-to-go I could review photos, Exel and other docs from my emails.
I can't handle a bigger monthly fee than I already pay so a BES (whatever that is) is our of the question.
HOWEVER any ideas you may have to help me get more from my Blackbery might make a convert out of me.
I want my NEWS, and I want my Movie timetables and using the stupid Blackberry BROWSER is useless.

Thanks so much Peter [email address]