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Originally Posted by Bounce
Nice company, I love good customer service when I see it.

Sorry to go a bit off topic...but, Seattle, I am in need of a case for my 8700.

First and foremost I am thinking about getting a "skin" for the unit itself. Now money is not really an issue, considering even the most expensive skin is only about $10.00

But for the case, what do you feel is the best case for the money, nothing ridiculous though, I dont want to see cases above $100 really, because then I get tempted and realize the $40 case was just as good

I really like the piel farma case, although, I have always been accustomed to using my blackberry "naked", for lack of a better word.

I also liked the vaja cases, but am somewhat weary after all the negative replies on fittings and thier initial position on exchange/refunds

your professional opinion is needed once again, thanks
This is a difficult question to answer. Much of this is personal preference. I can tell you, after all the cases I have owned and reviewed, my personal choice, currently, for my daily use is the Seidio Swivel Clip Holster. I have been using it daily since I received it, with no complaints. What I really look forward to is the addition they are about to make to this holster. They are just a few days away from adding the 8700 Skin to the lineup, meaning you will be able to have a rubber skin permenantly protecting the BB, and still be able to holster it in the Swivel Clip Holster I recently reviewed. To me, this is the best of both worlds - you get a rubber skin that protects the device out of the holster, and a very reliable and functional holster that holds the device firmly, even with that skin on it - you can't go wrong. I will be reviewing the rubber skin very soon, and I will post a thorough review in here when I get it. My hope is that is will be the absolute perfect solution to a daily carry - in holster and out of holster protection, with a reliable and sturdy swivel clip carrier.
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