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Originally Posted by slimbim
well, ok this is what i am trying to do. One of our BES servers here supports users in Europe, with their exchange server over there. Due to some latency and the amount of data (calendar entries, address book, emails) that the users over there have, the wireless enterprise activation takes forever, and does not complete all the time. So I am trying to get them to do desktop activation initially, and then use wireless sync after that, instead of doing the activation wirelessly.

I have a test device here that I am tring to test the Desktop Activation with, as I've never done it. I have and all users have always done wireless activation. As is the case over there, it won't be the end users doing the initial activation but one of the admins.

So say I am an admin, and trying to do Desktop Activation for one of the users. I would have to create a mail profile with their email account on my machine, and then connect the Desktop Manager to that profile and do Intellisync correct? This is what Desktop Activation is?

Do I have to know the password for the user's account for Desktop Manager to connect to the user's profile?

To accomplish what you are trying to do, it would be easier to assign a handheld to a user through the BES Manager, and not the Desktop Manager. That way you don't need to create MAPI's for the user or know their password. However the more important thing to understand is this: If there are latency issues with the wireless sync during wireless EA, then the same latency issues will exist for wired activation. The best thing to do honestly is install the BES closer to the Exchange server. Truely, the wireless vs wired medium is not the downfall. It is the communication between BES and Exchange. And performing wired activation does not change that. Wired activations seem to go faster because the wireless throughput of USB is generally faster than wireless throughput. But for BES to send data to the handheld it still has to go to the Exchange server to get it. Since BES relies on MAPI, and MS really suggests that MAPI calls should have 35 ms ping times or less, you need to resolve the real issue which is latency connections between BES and European Exchange server. Move the BES. Its the simplest thing to do. If that isn't possible, then get a faster more reliable connection between BES and European Exchange server. Shoot for under 35 ms ping times.