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Originally Posted by spblat
Thanks for the review. I have an icon question.

The push subscription includes an updated icon that represents the current weather: sunny, rainy, dark, whatever. My 8700g (Zen theme) doesn't show this icon. Rather, on the home screen I get a generic "push web" icon, but the pop-up application menu (when I push the center button) shows me the correct icon representing the present weather.

In fact, this issue is a problem many other applications too, for example Google Talk and Google Maps (home screen shows generic Java app icon, pop-up menu shows proper icons).

Is this something I can correct?

You get the "generic" icon on the .284 Zen homescreen. In any other theme you would see the sun or clouds etc. The only solution is to upgrade to the Telstra OS and Zen theme as discussed at length here. That will allow the push and third party icons to appear correctly on the Zen home screen. However, with the new Zen version you can no longer turn off the application names. (To my taste that's one step forward and two steps back.)

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