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OK, Here we go...

1. Passwords-Do you have the flexibility to have your password time out in more than 30 mintues?

2. ScreenSaver-Are you able to customize the stand-by screen without jumping through alot of hoops as in today's 7510 implementation?

3. Backlight-Are you able to have the light come on automatically when a button is pressed?

4. Wireless auto off-Like in the feature for power off, one can set the handheld to power off the complete unit on a said time. Has this feature been extended to the wireless antenna?

5. Polymorphic tone support-Any new stuff here? The tones available for the 7510 kinda suck.

6. What are the key changes in the GUI? Have you noticed any bugs that have been fixed (or at least addressed)?

That's about it for now.