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I don't know if your assessment is 100% correct. I am on BES but they have turned off MDS on the BES. This means, even though I have two browsers, I can only use the one from my carrier (TMO) to surf or 3rd party apps. It was my understanding if you have two browsers (BES and carrier) you really have both configs in your picture.

Now let me try and answer what I can for you....

Originally Posted by m365
Q1: Are following data flows correct?

1. BlackBerry Browser: BB -> Carrier GPRS -> Corp BES -> .... -> destination site

2. Internet Browser: BB -> Carrier GPRS -> .... -> destination site

3. Other Appz: BB -> Carrier GPRS -> Corp BES -> .... -> destination site.
Yes, except number 3 is usually selectable, you can set your default in browser settings which will stear the default data to either BES/MDS or BIS. Hopefully, the 3rd party app creator will make this selectable. You must also keep in mind your BES admin can control/limit this via the policy.

Originally Posted by m365
Q2: I have read some threads here, saying that by using Internet Browser won't go thru Corp BES, my device has 2 browsers, a bit different, BB browser can not display Chinese web site while Internet Browser can.
...How does carrier force Internet browser to skip Corp BES?.
See the picture you found, it shows the path of each browser... It must be your BES that is limiting access. Remember, the BES can only limit your carriers TCP via a policy to your device. That limitation is mostly on or off.

Originally Posted by m365
Q3: If all traffic must go thru Corp BES, will that slow down the speed? If I am connecting to a Singapore local site with BB Browser, and our BES is hosted in US, that means data will go thru Singapore carrier -> US BES -> Singapore site?
If you use the BES browser then yes, if you use the carriers browser no.

Originally Posted by m365
Q6: Corp BES seems also control whether my device has phone call / SMS enabled or not. Does that mean, if Corp BES is down, I can't make phone call then?
No, the policy cripples the ability of the phone itself so if the policy lets you make calls, even if the BES is down, you can still make a call or SMS.

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