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Originally Posted by Crimson27
So now, I'm sitting on the fence debating on pulling the trigger on the BB 8700. I saw here that one person went from Treo to BB and is very happy. I just wonder if that's the majority? Will I miss some of the wizzbang features of my Treo or will the great features of the BB make me forget about them?
Here's my story. I've had a Treo 650 for nearly two years and was just dying of boredom with it (major gadget-nut here...). I decided to try out a BB 8700 with T-Mobile to take advantage of their two-week trial period.

I played with the BB intensely for most of those two weeks and ended up returning it. I loved the form factor and one-handed design. The screen was gorgeous, too. Unfortunately, it wasn't for me for these reasons (in order of importance):

[1] The BB's PIM functions (calendar and contacts) were just too bare-bones for me. The information was there, but very crudely displayed.

[2] No memory card. While this is obviously not a deal-breaker for many, I found the lack of one annoying. I like installing lots of programs to play with and don't like worrying about how much memory I am using up.

[3] Email reading was always in plain text -- no HTML formatting allowed. (If it is, I never figured out how to enable it).

[4] No camera. This is pretty minor to me, but find it useful to occasionally snap a quick picture of something for later reference.

[5] No mp3 player. Again, minor.

So ultimately, while the BB8700 is a very fine device, it wasn't enough of a PIM for my needs.

I am currently trying out the PPC-8700 from Sprint. It's providing me with ample things to play with gadget-wise, but WM 5.0 is quirky. It seems to always take 3 times as many keystrokes/stylus taps to do everything. And I really miss the keyboard below the screen (rather than the slide-out one).

I remain intrigued with the Moto Q. Can't wait to see one in person. Like you, Palm is just losing my interest with very infrequent (and usually minimal) upgrades/new products. (For instance, other than the EVDO and a more mega-pixel camera), the 700p is essentially identical to the Treo 650.

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