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Strobate, I agree completely on your comments about the WinMo trying to be pc OS. Just because it works on a pc with a mouse doesn't mean it can work on a small phone. I think if I had to chose, I'd go with the Palm OS instead of WinMo, least its easier to use with nav pad and other keys. I guess my hopes on Palm rest of Cobalt and the 800P. Time will tell.

Argeluis, while I know what you mean about the Treo and its features that you mentioned, I'm not sure that would bother me as much. Sure its great that it can play movies and music but when I sat down to think how many times I used them, it was only for showing off my Treo. I never really used it for all this. In any case, I'm probably looking at something that does more of all this like a UMPC. Watching a movie is great but limiting on a tiny screen. One option was also the HTC Universal/i-mate JASJAR. Course, if I spending that much money on the device, I rather buy a good laptop. If the JASJAR was quad-band and a few hundred $$$ less then I think that could be my device.
The Q looks great for size and everything but I'm really wondering how good the OS will play using just a jogwheel, the OS was designed more for touchscreen. I guess its like using Windows XP without a mouse. Hmmm.
I also forgot to mention the Nokia E61/E62 in my choices. I'm a pretty big fan of Nokia plus my phone before was using the same OS (6620). The only downfall is they will remove the Wi-Fi and UMTS for North America, not too happy about that. Its also priced decently and it'll do pretty much everything a Treo can.

I'm wondering now if Blackberry is working on some new sexy thin BB (full qwerty). The pics I saw of the 7130 looked really sleek and sexy, so I'm assuming their shifting their design a bit to make them more attractive.