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I can agree with this situation personally also. I ordered my first case from them almost 2 months ago and the case was built perfectly to my 2 requests: 1) built in screen protection; 2) a case I can keep the BB in and have access to at the same time. Here's my story.

I have a Krusell Body Glove type case that I bought for my 7100t and it became cumbersome to use it as the power button, keypad, screen, and escape key were all covered by plastic. This should have been a red flag for me but I was desperate for something that would prevent drops because the BB slips out of my hand while using it. After a few months of use, I realized this wasn't for me and used my BB naked until I joined the online BlackBerry Forums.

I upgrade to the 7105t. Tried the Krusell case again thinking it would work better. Had the above mentioned problems again, said "screw it", put the 7100t back in that case, left the 7105t naked, and started shopping again. I got ideas on cases I would like until I saw Fortte's Open Face Case (on and It had everything I wanted access-wise, but the case does not feature personalization so that eliminated that. Found out does.

After researching the case, reading reviews and getting users' input, I ordered the case personalized in black. A few hours later, I saw an 8700c case with a screen protector, and said "Oh crap! I need a way to protect the screen but I didn't see a case for my phone with one." Thanks to Salo, who saw my post, asked me to PM him my order number. 3 weeks later, I had my case.

I get the case which has been working like a charm, then see an extended battery/door kit I wanted. Contacted Salo AGAIN and rcg from (where I saw the kit) to be sure the kit and case were compatible. Got the kit a week after the order and after a little physical battle (and emails and PMs to Salo and RCG) to get the phone and battery in, as well as figuring out the belt clip since I decided to try one again, it has stretched the case enough to accomodate this addition perfectly. I now keep my 7105t in this case and use it daily.

What other case company would go out of their way to do this? No one but Fortte. Thanks to everyone there. I may be ordering a second case soon.

UPDATE: I just did LOL This time I'm getting a personalized Old Fashion Chocolate Open Face Case, swivel clip and screen protector.

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