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Originally Posted by Argelius
Here's my story. I've had a Treo 650 for nearly two years and was just dying of boredom with it (major gadget-nut here...). I decided to try out a BB 8700 with T-Mobile to take advantage of their two-week trial period.

I played with the BB intensely for most of those two weeks and ended up returning it. I loved the form factor and one-handed design. The screen was gorgeous, too. Unfortunately, it wasn't for me for these reasons (in order of importance):

[1] The BB's PIM functions (calendar and contacts) were just too bare-bones for me. The information was there, but very crudely displayed.

[2] No memory card. While this is obviously not a deal-breaker for many, I found the lack of one annoying. I like installing lots of programs to play with and don't like worrying about how much memory I am using up.

[3] Email reading was always in plain text -- no HTML formatting allowed. (If it is, I never figured out how to enable it).

[4] No camera. This is pretty minor to me, but find it useful to occasionally snap a quick picture of something for later reference.

[5] No mp3 player. Again, minor.

So ultimately, while the BB8700 is a very fine device, it wasn't enough of a PIM for my needs.

I am currently trying out the PPC-8700 from Sprint. It's providing me with ample things to play with gadget-wise, but WM 5.0 is quirky. It seems to always take 3 times as many keystrokes/stylus taps to do everything. And I really miss the keyboard below the screen (rather than the slide-out one).

I remain intrigued with the Moto Q. Can't wait to see one in person. Like you, Palm is just losing my interest with very infrequent (and usually minimal) upgrades/new products. (For instance, other than the EVDO and a more mega-pixel camera), the 700p is essentially identical to the Treo 650.


I know your pain. I've completely severed the treo for other reasons than what you stated their, but i dont' want to get started on them.

If i were you, i'd just stick with the 6700 or even consider the 7250 if you can deal , and just wait, like some other posts say, and get the 8xxx series if and when it comes out for sprint and CDMA.

The Q is looking to be hot stuff, but like everyone says, if you can feed your habits in gadgets (and i can confess, i am one of those money spending gadget freaks!) , it's pretty expensive to hop around and go from one provider to another, when it's just not worth it, and just better off to wait till the provider is able to get the same or similar phone with functions.

just my two cents.