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Originally Posted by jamesdoe
is there a way to disable the password feature that has been pushed down by my IT dept?...
The same way for any IT procedure. If there exists a valid business reason to not adequately protect the company data since it conveniences you, here is my advice. Get Executive level buy-in to change IT procedures. Do this at the highest level possible. Preferably at an executive level that ultimately both you and IT report to. The guys that sign the checks can also pretty much change any procedure.

Accomplishing this through any other means is likely unethical.

if thats not there a way to lengthen the time from 30 min to 24 hours or something?
Same as above. Get executive level buy-in. If any part of the password policy is negatively affecting company profits, something will be done (assuming rational executives). If there is no good reason for the password, the rule will be changed. Some IT departments are guity of that. My guess is the password policy was dicted my management or via some security audit checklist (possible through external audit, if the company in question is publicly traded). Otherwise learn to type the password, change jobs, or accept a position with less responsibilities.