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Originally Posted by jamesdoe
is there a way to disable the password feature that has been pushed down by my IT dept?...i know that for the treos it was a simple reg edit...

if thats not there a way to lengthen the time from 30 min to 24 hours or something?


I am the BES admin for my company and just got asked this question 3 mins ago... 5th time for the day so far.

Our policy is to lock the handheld after 2 mins and upon holstering. THis includes the phone.

Now we only require a 4 character password with the device set to erase after 10 wrong guesses.

This may seem like a bit much, but think of all of the the company and personal info that these devices hold. Nevermind the fact that someone could get your device and call their good friend in China on your dime.

While the security settings may seem like a bit much, we also have to protect ourselves (IT). After all... who are going to run to when you have lost your device. US.

I can hear it now. You have lost your device and left it unlocked so now someone has all of your personal data including your passwords and credit card #s because you were stupid and had that info on there too. They now know where you and all of your friends live and they will be visiting your wife while you are away.

SO, now you ask "why wasn't there better security on the device" and "how could this happen" and "if it was possible to lockdown the device then why didn't we"? Who can I blame? How can I make this look like someone elses fault? Damn IT people

I'll tell you what... if it happens at my company then you can blame me.

Think about all of the important info you have on the device, now think... would you want the guy next to you on the airplane to have that info?

Now how hard is it really to enter a simple password?

Now, I may sound angry, but I am not. I'm just trying to drive home a point here.

Sometimes we need to be protected from ourselves.
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