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Sorry if this is remedial at all. I have an 8700g.

I check 3 email accounts with it. on my past units I simply did a copy forward to my address. I am getting tired of when I hit reply all my blackberry address is stuck in the reply all so I get doubles back as people respond. Also it would be nice to drop the "@bb address"

From what I've read the only way to do it is to configure pop email. So I went ahead and did all that and ended up with 3 mail icons for each pop mail plus something that looks like a master one that gets them all? Do I simply hide the icons I don't want to see and just use the master one and it will automatically insert the correct from address?
If this is the only way to get a "from" a given address by using pop mail config then how do you get your emails quicker than 15minutes? or are you stuck with that.
Also if you compose and start a new message and want to select one of the accounts do you have to use that mail icon or can you choose on the fly while composing it in what seems to be the icon that has all of them collecting in it?

are you following.....