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Originally Posted by Pizzle
Mine just got here. However, I can't get it to connect at all...

If I hold it in, it connects, but if I let go, it pops right off the usb connection.

It's almost like the usb connection that plugs into the BB is just a TOUCH too short. My side convenience key is what's getting in the way...

BEWARE...this thing is NOT working for me...

EDIT - So you know, My case is completely case, no's factory fresh.

Now what?
Just experimented with this. If you take a hard straight edge and lie it flat against the length of the left side of the 8700, then press inward upon the edge, (at least in my case) the convenience button is not depressed at all. Therefore, it's the body's curve that is preventing the solid contact with the charger's usb connector, not the convenience button. If you look at the vertical edge of where the 8700 sits within the charger, it doesn't appear to accommodate its concave curve. Then again, there may be enough 'slop' in the tolerances of either the 8700's plastic body and/or the charger that this combo may work for some but not others.

Can anyone confirm that Seidio is doing the OEM production on these? They're all over the place either with someone else's branding or without any branding whatsoever. Seidio shouldn't get nailed for a design oversight if they didn't do the work.