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Originally Posted by mymitsu3kgt
But, the BB travel charger has less amperage and is safer for the ipod. The ipod charger has more amperage and could be more dangerous for the BB.
You got it the other way around, if the BB needs more Amps than your charger can provide then there is a problem.

As an example
The IPOD charger has 5V 1.0A
The BB charger has 5V 0.5 A

Your BB requires 0.5A
Your IPOD requires 1A

You can charge your BB or your IPOD in your IPOD charger because your IPOD charger can feed the needed AMP rating of your IPOD and BB. When you are charging your BB on your 1A charger it doesn't mean your BB is getting the whole 1A, it's only getting .5A because it needs only .5A

Now you cannot do the reverse and charge your IPOD on your BB charger becase your IPOD requires 1A and your BB charger can only give 0.5A, this will cause an electric vaccuum.