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Default [RESURRECTED] Free BBLight Backlight Util: Force Backlight Always-On

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Very useful BlackBerry backlight utility, works very well, for those times you need this functionality enabled. Crossposted from this RIMROAD thread.

Forum member `deadstick` is the same author as the free open source BlackChat ICQ instant messaging software.
Originally Posted by deadstick

If you are like me, then you sometimes get sick of the backlight turning off on you and then you fumble around in the dark trying to turn it back on.... Sure, you can keep touching the thumbwheel every now and then but I get sick of that as well. As you can see I get sick easily

Well, with V4.0 of the OS, RIM finally gave access to developers to manipulate the backlight and so I whipped up a little program that will keep the backlight on indefinately until YOU decide to turn it off. V4.0 of the OS allows you to change duration and if available brightness, but the maximum time is only 2 minutes, which for me was still too short.

The program called BBLight will let you turn the backlight on and it will stay on until you turn it off. You click the BBLight icon in the ribbon to turn on and click it again to turn off. Real simple! You then go about with whatever you want and the backlight will stay on.

When you holster your BB and you have the backlight on, it will turn off, and once you unholster it comes back on for you. The only way to turn the backlight off is by clicking the BBLight icon in the ribbon or by turning off your BB.

If you are interested then you can download from:

Download BBLight [Link Edited]

This program is totally free but if you just love it so much donations are welcome via paypal at [email address] as it uses APIs that need to be signed and to get a program signed is not free

Hope you enjoy.

Chris Miles

PS: You must have V4.0 OS on your BB. I installed the Hong Kong version mentioned elsewhere in this forum with no problems, if your carrier doesn't offer V4.0. Also I've physically tested only on a BB7230. I've run the program on all the other models via the simulator with no issues so other models should work fine

* Rearrange for sourceforge distribution V1.81 Beta
* Total redesign to accommodate new features:
- Turn light on with User Activity
- Turn light on when device is removed from holster
- Turn light on when external power is applied
- Turn light on at a specific time of day for a certain duration
* Fix bug in APIs with DateField constructor.
To download the utility, enter the web address directly on your BlackBerry. You can send the web address by email, and then click via your BlackBerry. Also, make sure you have BlackBerryOS 4.0 installed, for this utility to work. Be warned, this utility will kill your battery if you use it a lot!

Download BBLight
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