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Originally Posted by jungleland
GSM in america is not developed enough to be a GREAT service. Verizon is a GREAT service.
Cingular is the largest mobile phone company in the US in terms of subscribers and really high-speed (EDGE) data coverage. Yes, EVDO from Verizon is faster, but the coverage is weak even around many metro areas (NYC and Philly, just to name two). Would you care to elaborate on why GSM in America isn't "developed enough?"

And yes, CDMA is BETTER. Much more reliable. However in Europe, their GSM is far more advanced than ours. As is always the case, Europe's cellular technology is always 3ish years ahead of ours here in America..
How is CDMA "much more reliable?" While Europe may have a year (maybe two) head start with UMTS and 3G handsets/datacards in general, it is starting to become available in many major US markets. It's not like we're on AMPS and they're making video calls from their mobiles.

I know it's not the best idea to feed the trolls, but this posts like this bug me -- FUD just stinks.

Please don't start on a rant about how awesome imperial measures are compared to metric, or how Cingular CS burned you but Verizon is l33t, etc. I'm just asking you to defend your post with some concrete facts.