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Originally Posted by Mark Rejhon
The 7520 GPS has a real GPS receiver built into it. It's not A-GPS, but real GPS. Yes, you heard that right! :D

I heard several rumors that it should be capable of GPS navigation mapping once the API's become available for it.

It appears that the 7520 uses a REAL GPS receiver. Therefore, it does not use GPS from the antennas, and is therefore not A-GPS. All the press releases say GPS, not A-GPS.

The 7520 is unique in that it is the only BlackBerry with a real GPS receiver. Yes, GPS navigation mapping software should be possible eventually, once the API's become available. But the 7520's memory limit, will limit the size of the maps.
The 7520 absolutely has A-GPS. It has the ability to use raw GPS data, network assisted location or a combination of both.
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