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Okay here is the whole scenario.

3 years of service with TMO using Sidekick1, Sidekick2, and tmobile MDA (HTC Vario). the latter of wich was stolen 30days after purchase and apparently the rep didnt sign me up with insurance. That is how I ended up with this old 7100g. Previosuly in service with my father who now uses an 8700 on the same account.

Im explaining all of this because A) I dont wanna spend any more money 2) Since I just got the MDA and then lost it I am currently under 2yr contract and do not want it to be any longer, so buying a new phone and new contract is OUT.

I spent 25$ for unlocking and recieved a full refund so im willing to spend a few $$ for an IMEI remote unlock but since the unlock via datacable didnt work I have my doubts.

I really just want Cingular to give us the unlock code as this would be free obviosly. I think it is silly the phone has to currently be in use considering how long my father has been a Cingular customer and the uses a BB still on their network.

Sorry for the lengthy post..