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Awsome...I appreciate you attention to my question. One more thing...Is it worth (in your opinion) 100.00 to go from a 7280 to a 7290...take into consideration I can get a 8700c for 299.00 off ebay. I will end up trying to sell my 7280 for around 50.00 (do you think that is a fair price?)

Also, since you seem to be pretty knowledgable, How come when I sync my 7280 to my PC it say I have like 2.5M free (on a fresh install no addresses). Isnt this a 16mb device? Am I reading this wrong? And I see specs like 16mb memory and 4mb rom, Or something to that nature. I was under the impression that rom would be like where the OS gets saved to being that it read only memory, and you cant have read write access. I dont know im rambling. I again appreciate your dilligence in my ignorance