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you guys are lost Code Division Multiple Access is so much better than GSM and cheaper to upgrade in the future. The reason why Europe and some 3rd world countries use GSM is because it is so cheap to start instead of CDMA. Japan uses forms CDMA(wcdma), and cingulars fastest service is actuall a form of CDMA, wCDMA they just call it something else so they wont be mixed in with CDMA/verizon. To upgrade GSM it costs a large amount of money which will hinder the evolution and spread of the high speed gsm(wcdma).

CDMA is fast, more secure, can hold more channels, and is cheaper to upgrade in the long run. The comment about Cingular having the largest coverage is bunk, the can say that all they want but JD power has ranked Verizon and its CDMA coverage as the best for the past 6 years, and also check out Consumer reports verizon doesnt need indepent studies they have the best coverage by far.