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Question Motorola Q and Cingular??

Originally Posted by barjohn
I have just completed my review of the Motorola Q versus the BlackBerry 8700. As usual, my reviews tend to be different and include sound clips for comparison purposes. I hopy you all enjoy the review. By the way, post your comments here as I appreciate the feedback. I appologize for not being around much lately but work was putting significant demands on my time as I have two major projects slated for Navy wide deployment going through various phases of testing.
I congratulate you on an excellent review. It said a great deal and gave me comfort. I am on CIngular and have 4 family members also. It doesn't make me happy that Cingular didn't get the Q and I want one!! I am not hapy about returning to Verizon as for some reason it never worked in my house, yet the coverage was excellent in most places.

Do you know if and when Cingular will get the Q?? Thanks [email address]