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Originally Posted by clintlawson
Thanks for the pointers. I did howerver add the besadmin account into AD and allowed local logon and all of that before the install. Are you saying though that I need to logon to the server itself using the besadmin account? I always logon to the server as administrator.

I'm not that familiar with separate front/back end Exchange servers, as tend to deal mainly with "single versions", however a couple of things that might help you.

1) According to the instructions you need to give BESadmin account admin rights over the local, then install the BES using this BESadmin account, as this ensures that dbase permissions (if auto-installing MSDE) are set correctly

2) You should logon as Besadmin to run Blackbery manager, although once up and running you can just use normal admin (well I can on my 4.0 box). 4.1 includes the abillity to do role based admin which would enable you to allow other staff to have basic access to the box (e.g. helpdesk staff) to view user stats but with limited abillity to start/stop services from the BB manager interface

3) Did you set the BESadmin permissions correctly in System Manager. Doens't matter if you do this pre or post install - I've got several BES's working where this was the only issue - see page 24 of the install guide (not that helpful unless you understand Exchange System manager)

4) You DONT want Outlook on the BES - that's a definate nono. But please ensure you've installed the Exchange system management tools (from Exchange CD-Rom) as otherwise it won't work.

5) in the exchange AD "User OU" you need to give the BESadmin account explicit "sendas permissions" over the user-base, as if you have a fully patched exchange server unless you do this users won't be able to send emails from the device, just receive them. refers.