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Originally Posted by jdjleo
Cingular is very different from Sprint, dont even go there. Better coverage, voice quality, data speeds i could go on and on...yes our prices are a little higher, but you get what you pay for *shrug* and we dont extend your contract every time you do so much as ask us a question.

Dont want anybody getting butthurt so ill apologise in advance. There is a reason T-Mo is cheaper than us and verizon, and its not that they are just nice guys. They just dont compare, period. Not in coverage, not in dropped calls, definitely not in data speed. I hear they have good customer care tho =)

And yes i think its a crock you dont get unlimited txt msg with a BB Unl plan...ANY plan. Im with you brother!

Hoiwever we are rolling out our new messaging/data plans this month! you are going to be getting alot more for you hard earned $$$ i think everyone will be impressed!
I want to take a second and thank you for your help in giving us the heads up this was coming. I was able to use the SOC code you provided and got the upgrade, without it the CS guy was stumped. I gave him the code and , Bang, done deal.

I wrote all of this further in the other thread but it is so long now the comments were lost.

Thanks again jdjleo,

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