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Originally Posted by joaquin654
here's the deal : leaving Cingular since they cannot get my bill straight and after countless calls nothing changes . all reps seem to give me different answers to the same question ... uh , huh ? lol . anyway , i like T-mobile but i also have an issue with the 8700 size and key placement ... while i love the phone and web speed of the 8700 i have fat fingers and chubby palms , lol , so using the smaller BB is kinda hard for me ... now i would like opinions from all and any 7290 users since i LOVE the feeling of this phone ... plz let me know the main differerences and what i might miss with the 7290 t-mobile versus my 8700c ... i thought about getting the 8700G for t-mobile but its the exact same size as the Cingular 8700c .... like i said , love the look and feel of the 7290 but don't know anything about the speed , reliability , or overall performance of the web and instant messengers features of this particular BB . thankx to all in advance .
The first thing to do is try to find other people in your area that have Blackberries from the various providers, and find out how the service is. In NYC I find T-Mobile to be worst, Cingular to be very good, and I have many reports of Verizon being great. The question to ask - can you have a conversation with someone in an elevator or an interior office?

If money isn't the issue, I don't think anyone on the forum would trade an 8700 for a 7290. The 8700 screen is far superior, and the processor is several times faster. There's just no comparison. If you don't like the form factor, look at the 7130 - but be forewarned, the 7100 and 7105 have both had audio problems - personal experience and many postings here. That said, the 7130 is an 8700 in 7100 form factor, so you get the screen and speed in a more compact size. There are a lot of discussions here regarding SureType which allows you to use the double entry keys on the 71xx series fairly easily - I liked the 7100 I had to dump for audio reasons a LOT!