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I had the covertec for my 7520 and I thought it is one of the BEST NON-OEM holster I have come across. The quality of the leather is pretty classy and workmanship is NO-QUESTION-ASK "is this made in China".. "how about Taiwan"? sort of questions.

Heboil : yes it does have a magnet. (find photo below marked in Yellow)

The good thing about this holster is that you can leave your BlackBerry in the holster and just slip the magnetic loop inside (back) to leave an open space for you to type or talk on your BlackBerry. (see photo below)

The only thing that I find annoying with ANY holster that has a design like this is that ... what if you don't have your bluetooth headset with you already paired and ready to go and you needed to answer a call?

You end up having the cover dangling by your head like you have some extra HUGE DUMBO ear.

But overall.. this is one of the best leather holster that I have come across.

THE BEST THING... now they have the 8700 design coming soon.

I definitely would want to get one.

Photos shown is their model for the 8700 series. JUST PLAIN AWESOME!